Friday, December 31, 2010

Aboriginal Pow Wow November 2010 Social Club Trip By Amira Love Best

Hey its Amira Love here again with my baby’s eye view report on the Social Club trip to the Aboriginal Pow Wow Festival in Hamilton. Oh what fun I had!

The first part of the Festival we visited was a section by the Armed Forces.
The nice soldiers were letting us try on Army stuff and taking free pictures.  Cool 

Looks like Grandpa and Auntie Retno were having lots of fun playing dress up.


Cute isn't he?
 I really liked the ride toys, but they wouldn’t let me bring one home. 
They also had climbing jungle gym stuff, army style.  Lots of recruiting info was on hand too. 


There was a market where you could buy hand crafted things, like dream catchers (every where), paintings, carvings, beaded jewelry, moccasins, clothing and more things than I can remember.  Lots and lots of info about the Aboriginal Culture. 



My New Friends!                   


I wanted to try on this head dress but it was bigger than me. 

We sat in the stands for the show.  Vets and Aboriginal Royalty were honored welcomed and introduced.

We sat in the stands for the show.  Vets and Aboriginal Royalty were honored welcomed and introduced.

The parade had flag bearers that carried flags from Canada and the US vets as well as representatives of the Aboriginal tribes. 
 The show consisted of drummers, singers and my favorite the dancers.  I saw Native people from the very young to seniors who had representatives from all the different tribes competing in the dances.  Oooohhhh…..pretty colors everywhere…..

 This little cute one was all over.  

 This one too. ;)

 This guy was behind us where we sat.   
 Another talented kid!
 Miss Aboriginal Indian 2010 (far left)  
One of the entertainers selling his CDs in the    crowd.

I stared at all the pretty costumes when they were walking among everyone.

These dancers look like a rainbow when they were twirling around.

Thank you to the Social Club for arranging this and to all the people on the bus that made it a fun day.  A special thank you to Auntie Renee for driving us there safe and sound.  I hope you join us on our next trip. 

I’m outta here.  Amira Love

 Stay tuned for the Stock Children's Christmas Party